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Why Choose Us?
Sure, we're a video production company, but we're a lot more...
With Color Bars, every production we shoot will come alive with experienced, top-flight direction and editing at no extra charge -- whether you're spending several hundred dollars or several thousand. We've produced award-winning videos for Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, high tech firms, automotive suppliers, as well as small companies too. Our integrated, unique digital production system and staff streamlines the entire development process, making your project hassle-free and cost effective!

When you're looking for video or multi-media production, the task can be intimidating. The digital revolution has changed the rules and you hope the people you hire are creative, intelligent, hard-working, and of course, experienced. But you also hope that they are nice and enjoy what they do -- ultimately making your experience more enjoyable as well. The courteous professionals at Color Bars understand your deadlines, budgets, and concerns, and want you to enjoy the creative process too!

With Color Bars you can use all of our services and get all of the bargain. Whether you're planning a full marketing video or just creating simple video files for a Blue-Ray Disc, Presentation, or online networking, Color Bars Has got you covered.